Public Speaking Training in English

Any good speech starts with a message and ends with applause. Between the two there is a lot of work to be done, and that requires the right tools, plenty of training and feedback from your peers. Sounds like a lot? Get started at this workshop in public speaking, where the focus will be on preparing your speech and training with peers.

This is one of Ren Snak’s most popular formats! It gives the participants time to try out new ways to structure a message and test ways to use body and voice on stage. The workshop is based on the models and exercises that I have used during my participation in the World Public Speaking Championship (where I had to perform in English as a non-native speaker), but the format will challenge native speakers as well. We will decide on the exact focus of the workshop together so that it suits your needs, the time you have available and the expected number of participants.

The workshop takes at least 1/2 day, but can also be held as a “bootcamp” in 2 full days, where you really get to develop your skills. If there are 4-12 participants, everyone will be able to take the stage as a speaker using short formats. With more than 12 participants, we will have people present in smaller groups, which also works quite well and teaches you a lot!

Do you have an international staff? Or want to improve your presentation skills in English? I can customize the workshop to your specific needs – contact me to learn more.